Where Did I Go?


Thank you for being patient. I kinda went thru something. I'm calling it a mini nervous breakdown. I think it was actually a delayed and final (hopefully) grief reaction that extended its tentacles all the way back to childhood issues and everything in between (did I mention I'm also a therapist? So I think alot about these things anyways (#alltherapistsarecrazy)). It impacted my job as a therapist, I had to take some time off, I cried to alot of my friends, I stopped working out, stopped photographing. I was basically just a mess.

Luckily I had a cruise to Mexico planned and that was just what the Dr ordered. BUT it was a working cruise with a bunch of therapists! So I (and others) cried some more, worked some shit out, and by day 5 I finally started to get a handle on things.

The cruise was great. At night the rocking of the ship was like being rocked to sleep, I couldn't get the internet to work so instead I journaled, I sprung for a balcony so I got some great shots of the ocean, and the sound was so therapeutic, and imagine being in a room of 15 therapists day after day talking about your issues. 

Anyhoo, I'm back. Im going to slowly ramp up my artistic presence again. But before my mini breakdown, I got some consultation on my art presentation. And I'm changing some things.

I'm no longer offering a catch-all of images. Already on my homepage, you'll see only my Looking Through series. Im gonna finish this bitch! It's offered as an open edition, one size only, on paper. I'll slowly add more and more. My goal is 100 images. 

In the menu bar on the left, you'll also see my future series offered in the same way.

Then! Im offering limited editions of my Looking Through series in 2 other sizes. The largest size will be the most exclusive, with only 5 available, when they are gone, they are gone. The next size down will be a limited edition of 20, less expensive, and slightly less exclusive. I'll announce when I've finished these sections and they are live.

What of my existing grab bag of art you ask? Well! once I've finished these 2 tasks I'll have a sale, and try to get rid of it all. They are in a sense limited editions too, because this is it at these sizes. I'll probably have that done this summer.

You can always request different sizes or on different mediums (paper, metal, acrylic), but these will be one-offs unique to you. Just shoot me an email or click into my consignment section.

My Website

I hope you like the changes, and that it makes my images more special for you.

As always thank you for supporting me. ❤️