Smashing Glass


A Window to Windows

Well I love the sound when I smash the glass,
-Social Distortion

A vivid picture of contrasting emotions and perceptions. I love the angles. Taken in West Oakland.

The regularly spaced windows give it an institutional serious feel, broken up with the lyrical graffiti. So many windows, what went on here?

The brown ochre reminds me of old photos, the wild west, sleepy towns, slow times. Then the smash of white wakes me up with an exciting shock. It all contributes to a mysterious, captivating dynamic scene.It makes me curious about what went on here back in the day.

The ochre color of the window reminds me of old photos and the wild west, historic, adventurous, and full of ghosts. The shocking white contrasts with this and snaps me into the present, creating a sense of awakening and exhilaration.

The pitch-black interior contrasts with the light emanating from the windows, creating a sense of mystery. I cant see, and the window draws me in and out, waking me up into the present, and creating a sense of intrigue. There's a hint of rebellion in the smashing glass that heightens the potential consequences of getting caught.

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