Should I Keep It?


Looking Into Playful Chaos - Richmond

Im standing outside a pretty plain looking building, and here's what I see! The geode inside. That part is the funnest, happening on all the color and creativity.

I like how the rusty grid gives structure to the image. I symbolizes order that still functions, but with no purpose, or faded purpose, lost purpose.

Then just inside bursts of color creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. It's playful and loose. Representing spontaneity and unexpected beauty within staid organization.
But then you go even deeper, and it becomes dark and mysterious, possibly dangerous, maybe risky to go further.
The whole scene is a play on order and chaos, fun and danger, light and dark.

Overall, it paints a complex picture of a location that holds contradictory emotions – darkness and danger mixed with colorful spontaneity and blinding illumination. It's an intriguing blend of elements.
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