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'Side by Side the Boat Goes Where?'

This mesmerizing dyptich artwork consists of two matching parts, each capable of standing alone as captivating pieces, but truly coming alive when united. Together they portray a striking contrast of colors - a vibrant, bright red capturing attention, while a burnt-out, melancholic blue adds depth and emotion to the view. In the center, a bridge and mountains gracefully connect the two frames, creating a seamless flow between the two parts. Together they symbolize a connection between worlds, inviting contemplation on the nature of transitions and the passage of time. Within the frames, a boat can be seen. This imagery raises thought-provoking questions: Should we follow the boat's journey into the unknown? The desire for adventures and journeys into the big wide world is palpable, reminding viewers of their own past dreams and yearnings. The location of this artwork is set in Richmond, CA, a favorite shooting spot for the artist.
Limited Editions
Unlimited Edition & Merch

Porcelain Ornaments

Because its a dyptich, it lays out interestingly in merch I offer. Making it unique in that way.


Metal Ornaments

I offer both porcelain and metal ornaments in various shapes. Good for trees or other types of decorations.


Recyclable Bags

A refreshing design for your groceries, or to take things too and from the office.


Kiss Cut Stickers

Easily removable, they are an economic gift option.



Microwave and dishwasher safe, these are a popular choice.