Travel Bug

First I went to Vegas! and did Punk Rock Bowling. SO FUN!!! Then I went to Palm Springs and hung out with a friend, we saw a cool burned out car there, then I went to  Las Quintas for a therapy conference. No photos there. 

Then i went home for a minute and then I went to Georgia for a family reunion.
Then another brief stop home and I went to Joshua tree to photo the Milky Way by way of Bombay Beach! (I love Bombay Beach, one of my fav photo spots)
Heres us roaming around in Joshua Tree the next day, getting ready for our photo shoot. You can see the light change as the sun goes down.

Shooting the Stars

I love the night and looking at the stars. So it seemed like a no brainer to try to learn how to shoot them. And the MIlky Way is the cream of the crop. Do you remember my failed shoot last year? So sad.
This time I took a class! I'm hopeful. But I've been so busy with work & getting my house back together that I haven't finished them, Ill show them to you next week. I have another shoot planned in a couple of months.
Cross your fingers they turn out good! 
I tell ya, Im looking forward to just being home for awhile.
See you next week.