Wanna See A Video Of Me?

I did 2 other videos and I'll try to get them up. This is the most recent one, and I think I'm getting better.

Take a look below, and I've added some of the photos featured too.

I'm glad I'm a part of EBPCO, they do alot of great events, and they just got a physical space, so that means exhibitions!!! You can follow them at https://www.ebpco.org, or they have a FB page, check em out!

Watch My Video

Magic Door-Albany

The way out is so close, just step through the door.


Come Into Me

A warehouse in the process of being renovated in West Oakland, CA

Graffiti To The Bay-Albany

TIts all about the contrast. The intensely colorful and hard man made color, to the muted soft color of nature.

Shattered Beauty-Alameda

I love the layers, the simple smooth white, to layers of color and texture. Should you stay or should you go?