🌪My Whirlwind of Art an Show Season!!! 🌪

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It's been an exciting season so far. My plan was to do one show this summer, and one closer to the holidays. But at the first one I got invited to another, and suggested to do another, and so on and so on!

It started with the East Bay Open Studios which was thoroughly enjoyable. I reconnected with people I hadn't seen since my last go around, and met new people that gave me alot of amazing feedback and encouragement. One gentleman said I was ready for NY (that's the big time in the US art world) so I'm definitely going to pursue that. Very exciting. I staged my work at the beautiful Flax Art in Oakland, and they welcomed me back next year, so that is cool too.

Next was the Urban Air Market in Oakland. This was the first year, and the turnout was small, but I got a good vibe. I'm on board to see if it grows in the next couple years. But both of these shows were in July and I started to feel the fatigue. Alot goes in to prepping for a show. That led me to my next show in August.

In August was Roshambonanza at Classic Cars West. I was a little burnt out at this point, but it was a fundraiser for Rock Paper Scissors Collective, which I really love and want to support. I was placed right beside the band which was nice for me, because I could just jam out all day, but I think it deterred customers. Bonus was that I finally got to here funny lady and comedian on the rise Sureni Weerasekera. Im on the fence if Ill do this show again, as Im not sure it was good to push myself.

Next month came the Emeryville Block Party. It was my most ambitious set up yet, with 2 tents so I could show my art and clothing, purses, etc... For that reason I was excited and also because I was repping my town. But... It was a wind tunnel!!! I don't think it was advertised well either as the trickle of people that came seemed to just happen upon it. Tents and chairs were flying around. I kept debating about packing up and going, but felt it was my duty to stay until the end. I debated a little too long as my tents, pictured with this post. Literally took off like balloons dragging everything with them. I sustained alot of damage, learned a good lesson about protecting myself above protecting the show, and will NEVER do this show gain! Just no! Never!

This month is the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts. Ill be there for the opening this Friday if you want to join me. Ive exhibited here many years, and after a hiatus, am glad to be back. The organizer, Sharon Wilchar, is gracious and helpful, and I hope she never steps down! She is a model of how all us artists should try to support each other.

Then in November, on the advise of another artist, I got into The Patchwork Show at Jack London Square. It seems like a very well put together event and I'm really looking forward to it.

Then in December it's on the the Richmond Art Center for their 56th Annual Holiday Arts Festival The Richmond Art Center is a jewel in our area. Im very honored to have been accepted. 

I also applied for another holiday show in November, and was offered a show in February, and another solo show next summer, so Ill keep you posted as I learn more. Its been a wild ride! ðŸŒª