The Beginning of the New


I've been getting consultations, and working on my webpages, and organizing my hard drive. I've only scratched the surface, but I have a game plan for my websites, and their first iteration is ready!

The first one is the webpage most of you are used to seeing. 

This is my retail site. I've changed it so now it just has small paper prints priced at about $100, and different types of merch like, bags, cards, mugs, yoga mats. Lots of fun stuff!

Great for gifts, mothers day is coming up, stuff like that.

Next step? I have more finished art I need to add.

This is my professional artist site. This second one I'm hoping will switch to my primary one. 

It's where Im showing the portfolios Im working on, and when I finish one, this is where the focus will be. This is also where my limited editions will live. Each portfolio will have one or two limited editions attached to it, at different price points.

Great for statement pieces, galleries, and investments.

Next step? I need to make the website more interactive. Most images right now are just placeholders. But click around and check it out!


But wait there's more.

I have so many photos, so many... so many...

It's hard to make finished pieces because it's so overwhelming, and I can't find anything. So I'm sorting through all these photos and organizing them. Each folder is one day of shooting, and may have 20 - 30 photos in it! And this isnt all of them! Oy vey... I like shooting, what can I say?


Wanna help?

Each week Im going to highlight a piece in my email. It'll help keep me on task. Im going to resize everything to make them standard sizes, week by week. It'll help. Thank you for following me and supporting my process, and my art.