The Abandoned Warehouse Excursion

Today I have my sights set on a warehouse that I pass by regularly. I've been meaning to think about preparing to go in for quite awhile, and I decided today was the day. 

Prepping is pretty easy if you've done it before, and also if you've ever lived on the streets. I wear sturdy boots for uknown terrain, sturdy jeans that wont rip easy and that can get dirty, and a sturdy jacket for the same reason. I assess safety concerns and take appropriate precautions. I make sure I have alot of pockets to carry various things I might need inside: usually my camera of course, lens cleaners, pepper spray, a knife, flashlight or headlamp, phone, and lipstick (mainly just because I like lipstick). I may bring a tripod if I go with a friend, but if I dont I'd rather stay more mobile and keep my head on a swivel. A friend is preferable however for safety reasons and for my own nerves. (Btw if you know me and you're down, Im always looking for people to go with.)

Click this link "Warehouse Prep" to watch this little video I made before I headed out.

So the actual trip did not go quite as planned. It turns out there were 2 buildings. I went in the first room of the first building that was very airy and light, the walls were windows which had all been broken out. I took some photos, then I headed to the interior which was pitch black and smelled of strong smoke like from a fire. I peered in and couldn't see anything. For some reason my flashlight wasn't working well. I could hear sounds of movement which got my heart going, but I figured some homeless people were just trying to keep warm with a fire. I called out but no one answered. I tried again and still nothing. I decided to just go on in. The smoke smell was much stronger inside. I still couldn't see far with my flashlight, and as I peered around, trying to get my eyes to adjust I began to realize that the building was burning! I couldn't see because it was full of smoke! What I had mistaken for the red of exit signs, were bright red embers still burning in the walls, and the creaking I had heard was the creaking of the fire in the wood. I snapped a couple pictures and left quickly. That was a trip! 

Not to be defeated I decided to walk around the outside of the building which had alot of tags and finished pieces on it. That's actually when I realized there were 2 buildings, and the really nice graffitti I could see was in the 2nd one and on the 2nd floor. In my exploration I ran in to one of the artists who led me inside. Score! 2 stories, of decay, destruction, and art. I snapped several pictures and will probable go back again, maybe in a year, to see what has changed. There are still more treasure to mine at this site.

Check out some of my stand alone pictures below, these were taken outside the 2nd building. Ill make more finished peices asap.

     Rustic Urban 1  

      Urban Fairytale Bench

       Rustic Urban 2