Summer Is Here! πŸ”†πŸ’₯🌞🏡️

Im using this month to focus more on my clothing, leather good, and textiles. My clothing is very well suited to summer fun. 

Im new at these more utilitarian uses of my art. But with minimal advertising the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Im jumping in head first with a show featuring my products. Im a little nervous because I haven't done a show like this before πŸ˜±so come on down and please give me some feedback. The more eyes the better! πŸ‘€

I also created a catalogue just for the show! Im pretty excited about it 😁For the month of July you can order from the catalogue and get free shipping. Or if you prefer visit my website, I post sales on there frequently.

Just fax your order form to 1-855-290-5528

Here are some samples!