My Photo Shoot at The Albany Bulb

Albany Bulb is a landfill that at one time was taken over by homeless people and artists. I used to love and go see what new creations were there. But the authorities stepped in and kicked everyone out. Now it is slowly returning to nature. Its sad, it looks lonely and forgotten. Im glad I made it back before it goes completely. Its been too long since Ive been there, and its sad to see it fading. I got alot of great shots though and they will be cropping up in future projects.

I shot a video while I was there and you can see it here. Im still learnng how to shoot video, but Im slowly getting better

I also got a photo finished. I hope you like it. I added it to my webpage as well. Click on the picture to get taken there. This lady is giant. She's about 4 times as tall as me. She stands at the end of a footpath at the bottom of a hill, as if welcoming all to her realm. She really is awesome. I hope my photo reflects that. I called her the Lady of the Earth Water and Sky.