New Orleans

After more than 20 years I finally made it back coincidentally at the same time as the French Quarter Festival. OMG! I had no idea it was so fabulous. Even more music and food than usual! It was the French Quarter on steroids. And after a cold and grey California winter, the sun and the heat blasted straight into my soul, warming my nerves and bones and heart. I took tons of photos and am slowly sifting through them all. Mardi Gras is a good reason to get two to a finished state. I hope they give you the feel of the place.

The first one was taken as we walked to my first cemetary for my first photo shoot. The cemetery was St Roch, as was the name of the street. I believe it was in Marigny. The colors of this house were to luscious to ignore. And I think it really gives a feel to the place. Colors and beads were everywhere. It was like the whole city just refused to stop being festive.

The second one is obviouslty a mix of sites. The trees are from the grounds of the NOMA. And yes, in the sculpture garden some of the trees actually had giant beads in them. The Creole Queen was shot in the French Quarter as was the jester... do you see him? Clever Jester. The star lady appears to be an actual part of Mardi Gras, possibly a float piece. I found her in the lobby of The New Orleans Healing Center. She was just beautiful, and she may show up again, as I love stars. One benefit of living in California, is I can almost always see the stars.

New Orleans on St Roch


The Magic of NOLA