I love working toward themes and contests. It sometimes stretches me into areas I wouldn't otherwise have gone. Other times a fully formed image comes into my head and I get that joy of creation when everything just comes together. That's what happened with this piece.

I heard about #NationalStickerDay and the image of the stop sign instantly popped into my head. I had captured it on my cell phone months ago, I just needed a higher quality photo, but what to pair it with? As I pictured it in my head it seemed like the natural thing, the only answer, was to pair it with an image of the loading dock from my recent warehouse excursion that I talked about in my last post. It seemed an ironic combination. A stop sign on a road to nowhere. Stop before you enter decay, or is it magic? A crossroads riddle. 

All I had to do was retake the sign. Unfortunately I am very busy as a rule. The sign is at a wonderful grocery store in my neighborhood called Berkeley Bowl. But I either went and forgot my camera, or I would remember my camera but be too tired after a long day at work. Finally the gods favored me and I got my shot. But then only being sent home sick gave me the time and space to work on the piece. But I got 'er done!

I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you ponder.