My Year In Review

Now that Im coming to the end of this holiday season Im starting to think back on the last year.

Me & Piewacket in January.
I was always told to keep a car until it doesn't run anymore. In January my well hated SUV finally broke down and I vowed to only get a car I loved. Meet Piewacket.

My mom died and Ive been dealing with that loss this year, as well as the loss of her sister, and her sister's son. I also got to know my new baby granddaughter and got my 1st solo babysitting gig this month!

I did 8 in-person group shows, 4 virtual show, 1 solo show, 2 artist talks, and did my first commision.

I got accepted into a gallery and did one artists reception there.

And best of all my email list grew by leaps and bounds, my FB and IG pages increased, and I way more than doubled my sales from last year.
What this means is people really like my work, and I really appreciate you all for supporting me.

Thank you so much!
Me & Piewacket in December.

As a thank you I’m giving away a free 2022 calendar worth $25 when you buy something.

It starts now and is going on through midnight on December 31st. 

Happy Holidays
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