My trip to Bellingham


                        Here's a full-size picture of the boat, it's distorted due to using the panoramic option of my phone. It was actually pretty big.
                        Heres a more picturesque view of the boat. The one on my camera will most likely make it to my website. I love how it all lines up with the horizon.

                        Heres another picturesque view, I think its beautiful. You can kinda get the scale here.

                        This was a cool little area I saw on the way to the boat. I imagine it to be a sweet little teen make-out spot

                        Heres a view from the other direction. Nice, right?
                        I climbed in this weird thing. You cant tell but its clinging to the side of the hill. It was kinda sketchy but fun. I took some great pics through the windows. The pic of my friend at the top was taken from here. 


                        I did this little diddy on the way out. There was some driftwood here arranged intentionally and I saw a little girl add to it. She was taking it really seriously. So I added my little touch. I hope she gets a kick out of it when she comes back. Should I do more of these things? Btw I found out they were called cairns.   
                            Well, thanks for reading and looking. And as always, hit me up if you have any questions and comments,