My not-so-secret secret

One of these I'm working on is a series on Black Cowboys. 

Rearing Up

This topic is dear to my heart for a number of reasons. Since I was very young I've loved horses. I grew up on westerns, horses were the first subject matter that I mastered as a child, and I became a fairly good rider due to my parents sending me to horse camp for a few summers in middle school (to keep me out of trouble, it didn't work). The issue was that the narrative that I was taught and that I saw was that black people didn't ride horses. I was already a misfit, and this was just another weird thing that separated me out. Come to find out there is a long history of black folks riding horses, being cowboys, and serving as cavalrymen. Who knew!!!

I still love horses, still love riding but rarely get to do it. I last rode a horse maybe 15 or 20 years ago, but have plans in a couple of months. Not enough.  

Anyhoo, here’s a few photos I just finished. I have alot more on my camera I need to pull off. They are from the Annual Black Cowboys Parade in Oakland. Here's a link below to the website they live on.  The previous photos were from a few years prior and you can really see my skill level has changed.

Here's a question for you. I'm thinking I would compile a bunch and make a book. But should I make them available for sale on my website?

Lemme know,



Heading Home