I Love the Effect of the WIndows

Abandoned Windows SF

I wanted to check out this abandoned building, but when I went to go check it out it was surrounded by this massive security fence on this huge job site. So I decided to just walk onto the job site. There was a road leading into it, where the break in the fence was, with a security building just inside and to the right with one of those windows to check credentials. I decided not to look too closely at it, but I noticed no one was in there. So I just walked in, smiling vaguely and nodding hello to people. I didn't really know where I was going but I tried to look purposeful, and I finally found the building! Once I got inside I was able to take my time. What a find! Then I moseyed back outside and tried to get the 2nd prize, a smaller building. But I was out in the open, and someone finally realized some lone lady shouldnt be walking around a construction site with a bunch of condemned buildings. They found me and escorted me out. They were very nice about it.  I think they had thought I was with the city. Because stupid me I forgot to check my camera battery and was just using my cell phone. Rookie mistake! It's not like I can go back! Luckily when I buy phones, it's the camera I maximize for, so I still got some good shots. These are my fav's.

Abandoned Purpose SF

I was initially drawn to this big sloppy but organized stack of fire extinguishers. The fire extinguishers looked like a long-forgotten artifact of some kind, with hidden importance, or a hidden story. I struggled with this one to get it to convey what I felt. I added the border to help keep it all bound together so you stay focused on the photo, instead of running off the edges.

Beautiful Abandoned Colors

The colors tho. I love all the layers and colors here. There is so much going on, and it all works together. It's so special because it came together haphazardly in a cacophony of man and nature.

Graffiti Layers SF

It's all in the title. I love all the layers here, and the individual people that made it all work so well together. Not sure if it was planned or a happy coincidence. I like both possibilities. The view through the window is almost seen as an afterthought.

Rusty A P San Francisco

Taken in SF at an undisclosed location. I love the effects of the rust here, painted, unpainted, and how it changes as you go over the door. Thanks to a fan for the location of this shot.