I did some art!

                Light at the End of Krogg Street
 I use Canon software to download images from my camera to my computer, and to a backup drive, and it wasn't working! Plus I usually work full time at a stressful job and I just didn't have the bandwidth to figure it out.

But! I've been on strike for 7 weeks (! shame shame shame...) and among other things that I never have time or energy to get too, I finally figured out a workaround.

So here you go, the first of a backlog of photos since March.

These were all taken in the graffiti haven of Krogg Street Tunnel
            Krogg Street Sherbert
            Anarchy at Krogg Street
            Krogg Street Abstract
            Krogg Street Tunnel, Atlanta, GA

                            So there you go. 
As I'm creating it's like I'm enthralled in the image. My muse takes me. And there is an afterglow. Then I get ready to show them and I doubt myself, and the magic fades.
I'd appreciate it if you tell me which ones you like, I'm too wed to see them clearly.