Covid Strikes

i heard wildflowers were blooming at China Camp Park (false) so we went there. No doggos allowed tho, so we ended up by the water.
I needed landscape shots so it all worked out. Mission #2 was to tire out the fur baby, doggo, Saylor. The water helped with that too.
This is what we first saw, a natural Bonsai Tree. The sun was fading here, we were leaving by the time I snapped it with my cell phone. So picturesque. I took several from diff angles.
Here's Bob with his doggo. The dock is part of the historic China Camp. Behind them are remnants of the shrimp processing stations from the turn of the century Chinese shrimp camp. Im a little dog deprived, so I also took alot of Saylor. Maybe he'll make it into one of my finished photos. He's a good dog.
These next 2 photos are part of the China Camp. I love the age and the colors and textures of this old gas pump. Like the dock, I think it's fully functional. Looking at things like this make me feel like I'm in a time warp, 
I can almost see and feel the past around me.
The 2nd photo is a functional restaurant. I bet the food is tasty! It was closed but we peeked in the windows. Inside and out it also gave off that vintage feel. I like all the faded washed-out colors.
Back out on the beach, it was low tide. I was really drawn to the colors and patterns of this section of rock and others, but here I decided to have some fun and built a rock cairn. If it wasn't for my friends I probably would have obsessed and built one at each scenic spot. Its better to stop with fond memories tho.
We were stoppping to have a snack of watermelon, strawberries, and seasoned flatbread (thanks Jacqueline), when I looked to my left and saw these cute little shells. I got low enough so the beautiful horizon was in the shot too. It says something about the smallness and fragility of ourselves in contrast with the vastness and strength of nature and the universe. And I love the colors and contrast in the rock.
Here's a final shot of the dock. I'm partially drawn to the metaphor and partially to the design. Bridges remind me of the journey and the uncertainty of where we are going. And isn't that both wonderful and scary. I love the verticals of the dock, in contrast to the horizontals of the water nature. The cool blue on blue on blue on greyish blue with that slash of warm brown pushing into it. The black boundary at our starting point, and the openness on the left, where we are going.
I hope you liked my little post-Covid trip. Next week I'm going to start going over past art and explaining it, as I update each image on my website. 

Also next Sat is the closing reception at Rhythmix. Come on down and meet all the artists. 1-3pm in Alameda.