Covid-19 & Shelter In Place

Celebrating art feels more urgent to me now than ever, and I hope you are finding some relief in the escapist power of art. 

I will be honest – this is a tough time to be an independent artist. I find myself with few opportunities to sell my art and a great desire to contribute whatever positivity I can to the world.

With that in mind I have 2 surprise gifts for you!

Here's what I've put together:
1) All current work on my website has been marked down by 30%. Use code 'spring30'
2) I have a new tool on my website that allows you to print your own art! Photos you've taken, heirloom photos, iPhone photos, all on the same high quality materials I use! This will also be marked down 19%. Use code 'uploadme'

If you could use some new artwork to brighten your walls, enjoy this special pricing which I will keep in effect through April 6th (when the Bay Area gets off of quarantine). 

A giant thank you again for participating in the giveaway! Now I'm headed back to creating new work. Stay tuned for more updates from the studio.


P.S. - I can’t invite you to see my work in person at the moment, but I can bring the gallery to you! 

My website has a very special feature called Live Preview. It uses augmented reality to allow you to digitally project my art onto your actual walls using your phone. 

It’s like having my entire collection in your pocket - you can view each image on your wall, re-size it, move it around, and see exactly what it would look like in real life. This is by far the best way to figure out exactly which images and sizes will work best for you.

To use it, visit any image on my website using a mobile or tablet device and hit the “Live Preview AR” button.