But wait theres more!

        A Study In Brown
   If you missed my previous blogpost, you might have missed this, but I have another website with other projects on it. 

One of these I'm working on is a series on Black Cowboys. 

I love horses, so when I was a young mother, living in West Oakland, and heard about the Annual Oakland Black Cowboys Parade, I was so excited. I've gone back periodically ever since. Then as a photographer I got the bright idea to share them with the world. I need to dig through my photos and find other I have. More more to come.

So here's a few more photos I just finished.  And here's a link below to the website they live on. Im thinkin I should put them on my regular website too. 


The Magic of Horses

Flowers for the Cowgirl

Black Cavalry

And the Badass Women

Flowers for the Ladies