5 Things I loved about 2020


Maybe the great was more poignant due to the bad. The hardest was that my mom died of cancer. How much more poignant could it be that my 1st grandchild, a girl, was born just a couple months prior. I didn't know that this would be the only picture I would snap of them together. It is my favorite memory.


Artistically one of my biggest accomplishments was my book.

Another kind of birth I suppose. I wrote it and assembled it in the year prior to Covid. And it came out just a bit before the holidays. Thank you so much to all the supporters. I'm happy and surprised that something I enjoy doing so much, my odd guilty pleasure, also gives so much pleasure to others.


My birthday photoshoot.

I broke away from my self imposed quarantine to take myself on a birthday photoshoot to a place I'd only been once before. The Donner Tunnels.The first time I went I got so caught up in all the images that I didn't make it more than halfway through. This time my goal was to make it all the way through. I marched to the end, then shot photos on the way back. I still need to put together the video for you guys! It was so nice just being a photographer and nothing else. And my Air BnB was quaint and cozy.


StartUp Art Fair LA.

I love LA and had this grand plan to expand as an artist down there so I could visit more often. It happened in February, I got a show and a real estate contact, and then Covid. Ah well, I learned alot, and actually teared up standing barefoot in the warm sand of Venice Beach, preparing to leave. Someday. 


Art of the African Diaspora.

This photo is from 2019, my 1st year in the show. Last year I neglected to take pictures as the season was cut short by Covid. There is a main show, and then artists also have the opportunity to do satellite shows. It has always been a highlight for me. I'm disappointed that this year we couldn't do it in person. I miss schmoozing and soaking up the energy of other melanated folks. This year it will be virtual beginning 2/11.


Me as fangirl.

This last photo I took of myself, pre-Covid, being a dork and one of my fav UFC fighters Forrest Griffen. I belong to a UFC gym and they had some of the best local fighters in the UFC come and train us. Actually, he took the picture because my hand was shaking from exhaustion and fangirl syndrome. He is bending way down to shoot this, and I'm 5'9". It was stupid fun.


So that's it. Let's see what 2021 has in store.

The rest of the year is a blur of various online shows, decluttering and fixing up my house, working online, doing recovery online, texting, social media, my couch, my bed, and tv. I've been weirdly busy. It's led to me realizing that with all the excitment I craved, sought, and achieved in my life, I am loving things being simple. 

Happy New Year