3 Shows 2 Openings

Hi there,

I've got 3 shows going on this week! And 2 openings, 1 in person and 1 virtual. Whew! 

I learned a few things from the survey I just did. One thing is that people want to see more of my art. So Im hoping that my little openings will show that a bit.

Heres whats going on:


At the Richmond Art Center

This is a special one, it's the 25th anniversary. There is lots of good art there, I have one piece on the show. The opening got rescheduled and I'll let you know if it happens.

More info here


At the ACCI Gallery

We're doing this one in celebration of the AOTAD show. 2 of us are a part of it. Ive got several pieces here, and I'll be doing an opening on the 5th. Actually I'll be doing 2 openings, one live and 1 virtual, both on the same day. So on Sat the 5th I'll be doing the live show at ACCI from 4-6, then I'll do the virtual show at 6:30. Here's the link https://fb.me/e/26IouD2Pd. 

See the virtual show here
More info about the physical show here



I know nothing about Livermore except that they have a nice BMX track. Anyhoo, the library really wants to get involved in Black History Month and they are a satellite show of the AOTAD. There are 5 of us in the show, and they were really excited to have us. They also have a really good lineup of events. I think Ill check out the Abolitionist readings.

You can check it out here. 


Thank you for following me

I really appreciate it.