2nd Day Sale Pt2

This one lady lent me her bird while she browsed around! Its hard to tell but Im smiling. His tail feathers tickled. Lol
I meant to show the images I still had for sale, but when I got home I realized the glare from the lights made them hard to really see, so I'll work on that for another time. I do have 2022 calendars for $5. If you'd like one just let me know. Here's a pic of the show from the checkout table I was working.
Most of the people said they were buying items to give as gifts. Mark your calendar, we'll do it again next year.

Next weekend I'll be camping. Ill try to get some photos out to you. Im really looking forward to it. Nature is healing. And I'm finally going to get to try my night photography! It's been too overcast here at night to do it. Cross your fingers I can figure it out!

Until next time...