2nd Day Sale Pt1

This is my first year for their Seconds Sale. I'll have art at deeply discounted prices from my mom's private collection. Id love for it to go to a new home.

            The Seconds Sale will be held inside the gallery with precautions for COVID safety. Customers will enter the gallery at our side door on Lincoln Street, and will move through the sale in one direction, pay for purchases at the back of the gallery and exit through the garden and garage to Lincoln Street.

    PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PACKING MATERIALS (newsprint, bubble wrap, bags, etc.) for your purchases. We will have a limited supply at the gallery.
    EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance, throughout the sale, and at the exit of the sale.
    ONLY 50 PEOPLE ALLOWED IN THE GALLERY AT A TIME (including ACCI staff). Please be prepared to wait in line to enter the sale.

​See you all in 3 short days!





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